What are the Options for Accommodation at Princess Royale Hotel?

The Princess Royale hotel is one of the most popular hotels among visitors or travelers worldwide. This resort is located in Ocean City, Maryland. There are several reasons behind the popularity of the Princess Royale hotel like some luxurious accommodations, a beautiful view of the ocean, and a wide range of things to do over here. These scenarios make it one of the best destinations for beach lovers. You will find several accommodation options, including oceanfront rooms, villas for private parties, and some spacious suites. This hotel includes several things from enjoying a swim in an outdoor or indoor pool, exploring attractions nearby, or relaxing at spas. This hotel is for every kind of person and if you visit it one time then you will come again and again.

Types of Accommodation in Princess Royale Hotel

Following are some accommodation options available at Princess Royale hotel with a luxurious view:

  1. Suites

If you are searching for suites in this Princess Royale hotel then it will be a luxurious and spacious area with separate sleeping and living areas. You will get to see that each suite has a private balcony having ocean views, a beautiful dining area, and a furnished kitchen. There are several options of suits like one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom, making it even much better for families or individuals.

  1. Ocean View From Rooms

People come to Princess Royale Hotel because it offers a stunning look of the Atlantic Ocean from your living room. People can select one king bed or two king bed options with each room having a private balcony with views of the ocean. These rooms are fully equipped with a television, refrigerator, microwave, Wi-Fi, and extra beds.

  1. Villas

For people who want to live in villas, the Princess Royale hotel even provides some private villas with beautiful scenery around them. These villas are situated in separate buildings from the main building of hotels with options of two or three bedrooms and highly equipped kitchens. There are private balconies and villas are quite peaceful places.


As you have seen the above accommodations options available in the Princess Royale hotel with some great ocean, a fully furnished kitchen, and several bedrooms with a private balcony. These features make this hotel unique and popular in Ocean City, Maryland. People may think it is costly but the services provided by them will be worth spending that amount. There are many more features related to beaches and water activities.

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