How energy gas is extracted and processed?

We use it for heating and cooking in our homes, generating electricity in power plants, and powering vehicles on the road. But have you ever wondered how energy gas is extracted and processed before it reaches your home or business?

Nicor Gas is a leading natural gas distributor based in Illinois, serving more than 2 million customers across the state. The company has been providing safe and reliable natural gas services for over 60 years. Nicor Gas sources its natural gas from a variety of locations including domestic shale formations, Canadian imports through pipelines, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals.

These reservoirs are typically found in rock formations deep beneath the earth’s surface. Once identified, drilling rigs are used to drill into these reservoirs to access the trapped natural gas. After drilling into the reservoirs, Gas Company in Illinois uses hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” techniques to extract energy gas from shale formations. This involves injecting water mixed with sand and chemicals into the well at high pressure to fracture the rock formation and release trapped natural gas.

Once extracted from these wells via fracking processes or other extraction methods such as conventional drilling techniques if applicable for certain types of reserves, the raw energy gases must be transported through pipelines over long distances before reaching their destination point where they can be further processed by companies like Nicor Gas. After transportation via pipeline networks spanning thousands of miles nationwide which are maintained by several other providers aside from Nicor Gas, the raw natural gases reach processing facilities where they undergo a series of treatments such as removing impurities like water vapor and sulfur compounds among others that could potentially cause issues during usage.

This process ensures that only clean-burning methane remains, and any by products from this processing can be repurposed elsewhere so nothing goes to waste. The treated Energy gases arrive at distribution centers where companies like Nicor Gas take charge. The company then distributes this clean-burning fuel through its vast network of pipelines directly to homes, businesses, factories, municipalities, etc who rely on them every day.

Nicor Gas plays an integral role in bringing safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy gases to communities across Illinois. This would not have been possible without proper extraction methods, treatments, and distribution channels put in place over years. By continuing to innovate ways towards reducing environmental footprints whilst maintaining affordable pricing options, Nicor Gas continues its legacy as one of America’s most trusted distributors of Energy Gases today!

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