How To Start A Private School Singapore


Education is one of the most important pillars of any economy. It improves the knowledge and skill of the population and produces better citizens and higher-quality lifestyles. There are two types of educational institutions, public and private schools, that one can attend for their education. While public schools are formed and managed by the government, private schools can be formed by individuals on their own. However, certain steps must be taken by an individual before they found a private school so that the establishment is legal and secure. Do you want to know how to start a private school singapore?

how to start a private school singapore

The steps of how to start a private school singapore

  • ERF registration process – The Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) is a certification that is required by individuals before they begin the work of establishing a private institution. Here, the institution undergoes an investigation led by the Committee for Private Education (CPE), and only once they have met all the required categories of safety, board certification, finance, etc, the certificate be earned by the institution. The CPE will give an In-Principle Approval (IPA) that would be verified for the premises of the private school, and it must be verified after six months of having received the IPA. Once the registration has been granted, the certificate would last for a certain amount of time and would have to be renewed according to the stated amount of years to ensure the quality of the school.
  • Requirements for ERF – What is the list of requirements an institution needs to meet to be eligible for the certification and provide education in Singapore? In terms of finance, the institution should be registered with the ACRA for their corporate status and also registered their name, which should include the word either institute or academy to be eligible. The location and premises of the institution should be suitable for providing education. In terms of the academic content, the institution should also be affiliated with an academic board and an examination board, and should further offer at least one certified course.
  • Who is eligible for ERF? – Certain institutions are required to be certified by the CPE and have an ERF certification. These would include higher secondary degrees or diplomas, primary and secondary education of an international board, and special education for students with disabilities, where the institute is not funded by the government but is done so privately. Another category within private institutions is those that offer preparatory courses for tests or examinations.


There are several pieces of information that one should be aware of the steps of how to start a private school singapore. By following the above steps, one can ensure that the process is smooth functioning and reaps the best results.

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