A Solid Action Tamil Movie Kuruthi Aattam

People love to watch action movies, and there are many reasons behind this; one of them is that the scenes in an action movie can help boost you significantly. If we are talking about Tamil cinema, there are many action movies that have been released, and each of them is unique and does not fail to entertain people.

Among the new Tamil movies, Kuruthi Aattam is a movie you must watch. This action movie stars Atharvaa Murali, among many others, in supporting roles, and the director is Sri Ganesh. Read the guide below to learn more about this Tamil action movie.


Shakthi (Atharvaa Murali), an attendant in a government hospital, wins the friendship of Muthu, the son of a kingpin in Madurai. The sudden death of Muthu forces Shakthi to hunt for the culprits who were responsible for his death. This is an interesting movie that has several twists and turns to make things more interesting. Watch this action movie on aha to learn how revenge is taken.

Movie Review

The screenplay of Kuruthi Aattam and the characterisation are both interesting. Every character in this has a story behind them, and the narrative has been provided in such a way that helps bring the stories out. After being fifteen minutes into the movie, you will be introduced to many important characters in the movie. Though the characters are introduced earlier in the movie, the mystery behind them is revealed much later.

 The story of Kanmani, the little girl who is admitted to the government hospital, is a powerful and emotional scene. Among all the new Tamil movies, this is one of the best scenes ever. Her father comes to see her after years of imprisonment, and the character of Arivu is very similar to Daniel Balaji’s role in Polladhavan. As people around him think that he cannot do anything, this makes him commit a lot of crimes. This is a movie that is all about revenge and shows things work when you pick up a fight with the son of a kingpin.

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If you are a fan of watching Tamil action movies, the Kuruthi Aattam movie is a Tamil movie you must watch. Watch this movie starring Atharvaa Murali on aha’s OTT site, where you can also watch many other Tamil movies from the comfort of your home with a good internet connection.

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