Tailored Container Shipping Solutions

SCF is Australia’s leading provider of specialized shipping container solutions.. We offer the largest and most diverse selection of Intermodal, Tank, and On-site storage containers for rent or purchase.

International shipping accounts for over 90% of worldwide trade in goods, moving a vast array of items from port to port. According to the International Chamber of Shipping, there are currently more than 50,000 container ships operating on the high seas.

Size Range

Over time, a variety of size variants have been introduced, including 8ft and 10ft mini containers, 20ft high cube containers (which were 1ft taller than a standard 20ft shipping container), larger 40ft high cubes, 20ft side-opening containers to facilitate easier access, 20ft shipping containers, and 40ft shipping containers.

Transport containers

The variety of shipping containers offered by SCF are constructed from Weathering Carbon Steel to provide optimal protection against severe weather conditions and vermin, as well as to preserve structural integrity for a number of years.

The initial intent of shipping containers was to move products across the ocean on ships.

8-foot Cargo Container

The 8-foot Shipping Container is the smallest choice available in our selection. Ideal for minor storage needs, areas with restricted access, or restricted storage space.

10 foot Freight Container

When space is limited, 10ft shipping containers, often known as micro shipping containers, are the best storage solution. These smaller facilities are typically utilized for the secure onsite storage of furniture, equipment, and accessories.

SCF containers

20-foot Freight Container

The 20-foot shipping container is the most prevalent and popular on-site storage option, and for good reason!

20ft High Cube Container

Everything you love about the 20ft cargo container, with an additional 1 foot (30cm) of storage height! It is sturdy, safe, secure, transportable, and slightly higher than the other shipping containers in our inventory

Transportable Tank Containers

SCF offers a variety of tank containers, including as iso tank containers, liquid storage containers, and frac tanks, which can be utilized for a variety of purposes across a broad spectrum of industries.

These containers are a cost-effective solution for short-term or long-term storage of furniture, auto parts, tools & equipment, or surplus inventory.

Services for Tanks in Australia

SCF offers a variety of highly specialized tank services for both existing and new tank container customers at our Brisbane and Melbourne terminals. With an experienced workforce and infrastructure designed specifically for tanks, we are able to service tanks and keep them functioning for longer.

Part of their popularity stems from their affordability; if purchasing is out of the question, they can be rented for a little daily charge.

Learn how SCF may assist in servicing your tank fleet. For further specifics, you can query in SCF containers.

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