Most Popular Types of Tile Flooring to Choose From

Tiles are the flooring of choice for many homeowners. And if you are considering tiles for your home too, then you need to know what are the types that you should consider. Compared to other flooring options, tiles have already proven that they can withstand the test of time. This is perfect for those who are looking for flooring options that are easy to clean and maintain.

Why Choose Tiles?

As mentioned, tiles are currently the most popular among homeowners. Simply because they are cost-effective yet can add a statement to your home. They are also hygienic, non-allergic, environmentally friendly, and hard-wearing. Tiles are also water-resistant and extremely easy to maintain.

Popular Flooring Tile Options

There are plenty of tile flooring types to choose from. It is important that you pick the best for your home. Each type has its own characteristics. So when picking for your home flooring, make sure that you choose one that is matched to your style preference and budget.

Choose Durable Floorings

  • Another tile option to consider would be marble. This is one of the most durable tile flooring options on this list. They come in various colors and finishes. Marble is naturally absorbent which makes them less prone to stains. They are perfect not only for indoor flooring but even for your exterior and landscaping floors too.
  • A type of limestone that is currently a popular flooring tile choice. This is a byproduct of hot springs and caves. It comes in a variety of colors that will surely match your style and overall theme. They are perfect for your floors as they are slip-resistant. These tiles are the best option for bathrooms, pool decks, and anywhere in your home where there is constant contact with water.
  • Another popular tiling choice is ceramic. They are manufactured from clay materials and then formed into a mold. If you choose ceramic, you can pick from porcelain or non-porcelain types. These tiles are denser and less porous compared to other types. Thus, they are more durable and perfect for high-traffic areas in the house.

Tile Installation Experts in Georgia

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