Bach Scholarship 2019

Sponsored by Laboratorios SALVAT

The BECA BACH grant awarded by the BZM Foundation aims to support the tuition and promotion of young solo singers in the vocal works of J. S. Bach, focusing on Bach’s solo cantatas. The Foundation will award four new grants to solo singers (soprano, contralto, tenor and bass-baritone) each year.

BECA BACH not only consists of a financial aid – worth 1.500 euros each year – but most importantly includes 3 concert performances during 2019 in the city of Barcelona, which the BZM Foundation commits itself to promote adequately. This is the reason why BECA BACH is basically regarded as a promotion platform to provide more reach and visibility to new talented vocal singers.

 In addition, the BECA BACH grant offers tuition and collaboration with well-known music professionals. In 2019 it will count on the support of  Miriam Feuersinger, who will offer grant-holders an exclusive master class. Moreover – and regarding the 3 concert performances – the solo singers will be accompanied by the BZM Ensemble, an orchestra made of musicians with a solid background in interpreting with baroque instruments and following historical criteria.



   The grant will cover the activities described below, which will take place during 2019:

19 and 20 January
Masterclass and concert with Miriam Feuersinger in L’Auditori
(Cantatas BWV 23 and 44)

3 and 5 March
Concerts in the CaixaForum of Barcelona and Palma
(Cantatas BWV 22 and 32)

17 July
Opening concert Festival BACHCELONA (Palau de la Música)
(Cantata BWV 213)

It is compulsory that the grant-holders of BECA BACH participate in each of the activities scheduled for 2019 mentioned above, as well as attend the two previous rehearsals (one with a pianist corepetitor and another with the BZM Ensemble). The exact dates of these rehearsals will be agreed with grant-holders later on during the year.

In the case that one of the cantatas performed during these concerts has no aria for one of the soloists, an aria from another of Bach’s works would be added in, in order to guarantee that all grant-holders perform a main role in each of the scheduled concerts.


Eligibility requirements

 To be eligible to apply for a BECA BACH grant applicants must be between 18 and 35 years old (reached before January 1st, 2019)


Documents Required

To apply for the BECA BACH grant applicants are required to send their CV and a recent Bach aria recording to the following e-mail address:


Application Deadlines

   Applications can be sent from October 10th to October 31st, 2018 (both days included).


Selection process

Once the application period is over and registration is closed, the organization will carry out a first selection of applicants, based on the analysis of the documents presented (CV and recent recording). The organization will decide which applicants pass on to the next phase, a decision which will be final and entirely at the discretion of the organization.

Those applicants for the BECA BACH grant who pass the first selection process will be auditioned and interviewed in Barcelona on the 22nd november 2018.

The time of the auditions and interviews will be notified by writing to applicants in due time to the e-mail address that applicants facilitate in their application form.


Audition Requirements

The auditions will consist in performing two of J. S. Bach’s arias:

– One will be an obligated aria.

– The second one will be an aria of the applicant’s choice.

The organization will provide the piano accompanist. However, if the applicant wishes to bring their own pianist the organization will put no obstacles to it, although it is required that applicants state this fact in their Application Form.


Grant Award

Once the final auditions have taken place, the final results will be made public within one week time at the latest. The decision of the BZM organization is not open to appeal.

All applicants will receive the list of those who have been awarded a BECA BACH grant by mail. The final results will also be uploaded onto BZM’s website at

The organization reserves the right to leave the BECA BACH grants unawarded.

Moreover, the organization also reserves the possibility of awarding the grants ex-aequo if it deems it necessary.

BECA BACH grants will be considered as awarded once the recipient of the grant has accepted the grant by writing a mail to within 15 working days, starting from the date the name of the selected candidates is publicly announced. Should the awarded applicant fail to do so, the organization will assume that s/he renounces the grant.

The grant-holders are also offered the possibility of participating as soloists in the productions included in the BACH ZUM MITSINGEN project, which is also organised by the BZM Foundation.

The amount granted by BECA BACH is of €1.500. The BZM Foundation will not pay the travel expenses of grant-holders resident in Catalonia. Otherwise, the request will be handled each particular grant-holder.



Grant-holders are bound to carrying out all the activities scheduled by the BECA BACH grant. Failure to fulfil this commitment may imply the rescission of the grant.



   If in any doubt or for further information, please contact: